We are always happy to answer any questions over the phone so please let us know below if you would like us to call back at a convenient time.

Which file types can be stored on DataQ?

Any file type can be stored on DataQ. There is no limit to the size, number or type of file that can be stored (subject to fair usage)

How many files can be uploaded and what is the file size limitation?

100's of files can be batch uploaded at a time. There is no practical file size limitation but we would expect that 80% of files uploaded would be 10mb or less in size. Understandably, some files such as BIM models would be larger but may be subject to additional pricing if they exceed your project quota. By default projects are allocated storage based on the size of the project and anticipated usage.

How much does DataQ Cost?

Pricing is provided on request. Project hosting prices start from just £100+VAT.

Is support provided?

If you have a question we are always on hand to help. Support includes any questions relating to DataQ functionality. By default we make sure you have everything you need to get started and assist with the initial project setup. We do also offer web based training & document management services if required (we can also manage user permissions and data on your behalf), please ask for further details.

Where is our data stored?

We operate within the UK only and all data will be stored within the UK in secure hosting facilities managed by us!

DataQ vs File Sharing platforms

If you have worked with file sharing platforms previously you will recognise the dangers highlighted below.

Pros of switching to DataQ

  • Fully managed & supported systems  
  • Requires little or no training to get the most of it. Mobilise new projects in minutes using Project Templates.
  • Built specifically for the UK construction industry
  • Easy to use means that everyone gets what they need from the system.
  • Files downloaded include the version and revision numbers and are presented in folders
  • QR coded hard copies link back to the system and tell you in an instant when the document you are looking at is out of date
  • Link files between projects and folders. Update a single file to update all linked locations.
  • Easy to follow threads to review activity and actions taken
  • Create issue sheets for any list of documents at any point in time.
  • Easily issue and track changes to files distributed in tender packages.
  • We provide a ready to use RFI and client instruction process which is easy to follow and accessible to relevant users.

Cons of using file sharing platforms

  • Often requiring internal IT support
  • Consider how long it takes to mobilise a project
  • Requires customisation beyond the reach of the average user.
  • Considerable training to get the most from it
  • Not built to meet the needs of the construction industry
  • Often difficult to find exactly what you need (especially when files are duplicated amoungst folders)
  • It is unclear exactly which version of a document has been downloaded and is being worked with
  • There is no link between hard copies and digital files
  • Often no way to link files to multiple folders without duplication of data or confusion.
  •  Often difficult to review decisions and actions taken on a specific file over multiple versions
  • Not possible to generate an issue sheet to review file activity and distribution at a later date.
  • No way to compare batches of files issued to tenderers resulting in price discrepancies and errors.
  • Not possible to create or manage RFI's or client instructions centrally.


DataQ provides its clients with a fully managed system built specifically for the UK Construction market. Our expertise and support enables your projects to be up and running in minutes, with maximum user participation & reducing the chances of delays and errors on site.